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Flora and Fauna of Dinosaur Park Formation

Hi folks!
In Currie and Padian's _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_, the article "Judith River Wedge" lists the fossil vertebrate assemblage from the entire wedge.  Does anyone here know what creatures on the list have been found specifically in the Dinosaur Park Formation?  (In his "Theropod" article from Farlow and Brett-Surman's _Complete Dinosaur_, Phil Currie mentions that there are 35 dinosaur species in this formation, 16 of which are theropods, if that helps.)
Does anyone know where I can find a list of the Dino Park Formation's megaflora?
Has any general consensus been reached on the diets of therizinosaurs, ornithomimosaurs and caenagnathids?
Have any new vertebrates been found in the Dino Park Formation since the publication of the _Encyclopedia_?  (I am aware that some of the species listed are no longer considered valid.)  Have any new plants been discovered since the publication of whatever reference you recommend in answering the second question?
Thank you very much.
Grant Harding
High school student/closet paleontologist
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