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Images and visual information needed on Allosaurus and Stegosaurus

I need visual info, skeletons, animation models, skin information, even
papers and such on walking, poses, etc. I'm going to be making a
composite image and/or composite animation of a stegosaur in a defensive
pose, an allosaur running up towards it, and, if animated, a possible
battle of the two. I'm no graphical pro, I'm just 16, it will most
likely be just a single still, but I do want relative accuracy. I would
normally just go to the Dinosauricon, but as it's down, I decided to
make this little request, and be more sure of myself and my sources.

I'd like to show you guys afterward, even possibly put the fruits of
this labor into my currently small gallery on the Dinosauricon, when it
goes back up.

Thanks guys