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Re: A therizinosauroid dinosaur with integumentary structures fromChina

At 11:14 PM 5/26/99 EDT, Dinogeorge wrote:

>Interesting indeed. But my analysis is rather different, of course. 
>Integumentary filaments, sometimes accompanied by osteoderms, are >primitive 
>for dinosaurs< (not just some advanced subgroup of theropods), and their 
>"broad distribution" in Dinosauria (not just Theropoda) accounts for their 
>appearance in those phytodinosaurian segnosaurs.

George, I think you will find this paper VERY interesting.  Among other
things, _Beipiaosaurus_ has a tridactyl pes with a reduced metatasal I
(which is tapered and does not contact the tarsus).  Mt V is just a
strap-like splint.

The ilium is more similar to oviraptorosaurs in shape to oviraptorosaurs
than derived therizinosauroids.  What exists of the skull shows that it is
large for a therizinosauroid (for example, the dentary is 65% of the femur

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