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Re: Why are you so interested in dinosaurs?


I grew up in Havre, Montana, an area rich in Late
Cretaceous dinosaur fossils.   I found my first
fossils, an _Albertosaurus_ tibia and sharp
serrated teeth, while fishing with my dad near a
local reservoir when I was 5 years old.  I've
enjoyed prospecting for fossils in the nearby
badlands for the past 38 years.  For me, the
excitement of finding that next, exquisitely
preserved tooth, bone or dinosaur egg has never

-> UNION4884@aol.com wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > For my book about dinosaurs, for kids (6-8
> years old), my editor wants me to
> > address the question "Why are people so
> interested in dinosaurs?"
> >
> > Since you folks are clearly interested in
> dinosaurs, I thought I'd ask you
> > --- "Why are you so interested in dinosaurs?"
>  If you wouldn't mind jotting
> > down 2 or 3 sentences, I'd appreciate it. 
> Nothing heavy.  Just what turned
> > you on to dinosaurs (avian dinosaurs,
> non-avian dinosaurs, whatever  :->  )
> >
> > Thanks very much,
> > Barbara Saffer, Ph.D.  (science writer)

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