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Re: A therizinosauroid dinosaur with integumentary structur

well...feathers are planar so would be more likely to be spread out and
preserved in an identifiable shape in a sedimentary deposit than a
bristle would IMHO. 


> Ralph W. Miller III wrote:
> > The Yixian formation and the Solnhofen limestones represent distinct
> > depositional environments.  I do not believe that it is fair to assume
> > that _Compsognathus_ had no filamentous integument just because there is
> > no strong fossil evidence of filaments on the two known specimens.

TWILLIAMS@canr1.cag.uconn.edu wrote:
> But _Archaeopteryx_ of Solnhofen shows feathers.  Are feathers more
> likely to be preserved (as imprints) than their bristle-like
> homologs/precursors?

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