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Re: Why are you so interested in dinosaurs?

On Thu, 27 May 1999 12:24:02 EDT UNION4884@aol.com writes:
>Hi all,
>For my book about dinosaurs, for kids (6-8 years old), my editor wants 
>me to 
>address the question "Why are people so interested in dinosaurs?"
>Since you folks are clearly interested in dinosaurs, I thought I'd ask 
>--- "Why are you so interested in dinosaurs?"  If you wouldn't mind 
>down 2 or 3 sentences, I'd appreciate it.  Nothing heavy.  Just what 
>you on to dinosaurs (avian dinosaurs, non-avian dinosaurs, whatever  
>:->  )  
>Thanks very much,
>Barbara Saffer, Ph.D.  (science writer)

   When I was about five, I got a kid's book (I can't remember the title;
it was probably just *Dinosaurs*) which was about non-avian dinosaurs. 
The thing that got me interested was they were so wonderfully different
from anything else I had ever encountered.  To heck with rhinos,
elephants, and lions, when you could have *Triceratops*, *Diplodocus*,
and *Tyrannosaurus*, was my mentality.  These guys were bigger and looked
cooler than all the other animals I knew of, and so it was a natural fit
for me.-*Thescelosaurus*

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