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Re: Sweat

> Date:          Fri, 28 May 1999 10:39:28 +0100
> Reply-to:      chris.lavers@nottingham.ac.uk
> From:          Chris Lavers <chris.lavers@nottingham.ac.uk>
> To:            dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject:       Sweat

> Hi everyone
> sorry - this isn't about dinosaurs, except that it's about 5-tonne
> endothermic homeotherms without an insulating covering...
> Why don't elephants sweat or pant? All the other large savannah mammals
> that I can think of do one or the other. Could there be some connection
> with the recent theory that elephants evolved from fully aquatic ancestors?
> Best wishes to all
> Chris

I don't know if I am completely wrong about this but I seem to remember that
elefants have an alternative for sweating or panting: they use their ears for 
cooling down. Their ears are large and have a lot of  bloodvessels resulting in 
a large cooling 
surface. By fanning the ears they cool down.
Don't know for sure if this is information is of any use to you. 
Can't be of any help on the other question..