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Re: Why are you so interested in dinosaurs?

At 12:24 PM 5/27/99 EDT, Barbara Saffer, Ph.D. wrote:
>Hi all,
>For my book about dinosaurs, for kids (6-8 years old), my editor wants me to 
>address the question "Why are people so interested in dinosaurs?"
>Since you folks are clearly interested in dinosaurs, I thought I'd ask you 
>--- "Why are you so interested in dinosaurs?"  If you wouldn't mind jotting 
>down 2 or 3 sentences, I'd appreciate it.  Nothing heavy.  Just what turned 
>you on to dinosaurs (avian dinosaurs, non-avian dinosaurs, whatever  :->  )  

I can't remember I time I didn't like/obssess about dinosaurs.  If pinned
down, though, I would say its the same sort of Romantic impulse (longing for
the long ago and far away) others have mentioned.  They are cooler than
dragons and other fantasy monsters, because they were real.  (Of course, I
also am a fan of science fiction and fantasy (as are several other dinosaur
paleontologists), so there is some overlap in fascination with the weird and

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