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Re: Fixing dinosaurian carnivour question

>Well, despite the above, I AM more interested in groups of theropods other
>than swell-headed, stump-tailed flying mutants.  However, as others have
>already indicated, a cursory survey of the subject headings on the Archives
>of the DML will reveal that a LOT of discussion on the list has been on
>birds.  Sure, it would be great to get a good prosauropod or
>heterodontosaurid or protoceratopsid discussion going, but that doesn't seem
>to interest as many people here.  Wish it did, though...
>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
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You want a question on prosauropods I'll  give you one.
Has it been proven that some species of prosauropod ate meat on occasion or
that they only ate plants?
Also I would like to know if Quetzalcoatlus sp is ever going to be named!
Last I heard they were still debating over whether or not it was a juvenile
of Q.northropi or a seperate species.  And finaly with all the changes in
Pterosaur science over the years is the book "The Illustrated Encyclopedia
of Pterosaurs "(of which I have a copy) still a good and accurate reference
in terms of classification, life appearence and behavior?

Thank you and please excuse the non Dinosaur questions.
Jonathan schmidt.