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Re: Another tooth question

>Hi all,
>I've got another Carcharodontosaurus-tooth-question, but I fear that this
>it's too complicate to answer it.
>Last weekend I've read an older article in National Geographic from Sereno
>entitled "Africa's Dinosaur Castaways" (June 1996; pp 106-119). There are
>great pictures of the famous Carcharodontosaurus-remains, but one of it
>to be a little mysterious to me. On the photograph at the bottom on page
108 you
>can see a big single tooth which is described as followed: "Once it has
>cleaned, a five-inch tooth reveals a series of grooves - their purpose
>You can see the grooves very well on the picture.

Are these grooves (I don't have this article) on the tooth itself or lower
down, closer to the jaw? I ask because grooves on dental plates are present
in some abelisaurs (see the Sampson et al. 1996 paper in JVP).


Best regards.

Félix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr