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Re: raptor red 2

Oooh lookie, a question the gobi girl can answer!
Does anyone know when the second raptor red book will be published?

NO! Because he's not done with it yet! :) Bakker-dude's workin (still) on his dinosaur book on dinosaurs from the western US (Which he hasn't,as far as I know, gotten to his publisher yet or something...technical difficulties or some such).
The sequel to raptor red...
currently...doesn't exist to my knowledge in any form on papper, and is still probably the bubble of an idea in Bakker's brain.
Hope this helps!
Also I don't think people sould be kicked off this mailing list if they aren't experts.
I agree with this,but what's this have to do with Raptor Red?

Jessica W Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist

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