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The AP Bio test's been done.
I've called Mark Norell.
Bakker's phone # is on it's way.
My friends at the Tate Museum are leaving!
Okie. Really, there has to be a purpose to this..I think..
oh yeah...
I was wondering, anyone have any feathered dinosaur pictures out there?
Hey, how about a feathered herbivoir?
Oh yeah, that reminds me what I really wanted to write last night..
Anyone got any good Psittacosaurus drawings or something I can look at? ...The herbivoirs've been in my head lately...I was goofing off and did a watercolor painting of a Psittacosaurus (Did I utterly misspell that name?), and made it look like an amazon parrot :) It was cool. I put BRIGHT GREEN feathers all OVER it!!!I suppose I was making fun of it's name--Parrot-dinosaur--.
And then...I LOST THE STUPID PAINTING! Actually, I think I threw it away...
Oh yeah, Psittacosaurus looks (IMHO) REALLY neat with bright, green feathers. :)
Has anyone else "Feathered" a herbivoir for fun?

Jessica W
Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist

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