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A new face for Deinonychus.

Thank you all for comments and general feedback on my website.
Following the motions, I have managed to keep making changes and now it's
expanded  with some more reconstructions including a rather provocative new
piece on Deinonychus that I expect is going to ruffle some feathers (Please
go to the 'what's new?' section).
Since we know precious little about external ornamentation and appearance
of dinosaurs, I've tried to get as far as imagination and reasonable
possibilities allowed me.
I have also followed Alan Gishlick paper on the reconstruction of the
Deinonychus/Archaeopteryx hands.

I'd appreciate some more comments on this... I'm sure some people are going
to have extra fun this time.
Thanks again.

Luis Rey

Visit my website on http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey