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GOBI 2010 wrote:

> I was wondering, anyone have any feathered dinosaur pictures out there?
> Hey, how about a feathered herbivoir?

Jessica, I have a few pics of feathered dinosaurs. As to whether herbivores were
feathered, I'm sure other members of the list can give you a better answer than
I can.

I swear, if even ONE serious response comes back to Jessica about looking in a
bird watcher's guide or looking at the birds flying around in her backyard, I
will be tireless in my defense of the use of "dinosaur" here to mean extinct
non-avian dinosaurs. If clarification is REALLY needed, who out there thinks
that Jessica isn't aware of (1) the existence of birds; (2) the importance of
the relationship between birds and dinosaurs? I'm sure that someone out there,
as soon as they read Jessica's post, decided it would be a good time to
"correct" her.

OK, sorry to everyone out there with common sense.
-Chris Srnka