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<<Right you are. I stand corrected. I mixed up Hedges and Polling's data with Rieppel's, but my point is still unchanged -- people before Rieppel were placing turtles with anapsids mostly by default.

Matt Bonnan>>

We all make mistakes, no big deal.

There were some earlier workers (Lakjer, Jaekel, Broom) who thought that turtles were secondarily anapsid. Rieppel (1994) points out that turtles have a quadratomaxillary ligament, "...which otherwise is known from only those diapsids that have lost the lower temporal arch" (Rieppel, 1994; 300), something that Lakjer pointed out. Rieppel (1994) is a good primer for those who want to learn more about turtles being diapsids.

Matt Troutman

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