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June National Geographic

Since the June issue of National Geographic has not been mentioned,
I would like to point out the wonderful article "A Dinosaur Named Sue" 
by Donovan Webster.  Great photographs and narrative, with comments 
from Chris Brochu on the CT scans and some of the findings.  Interestingly, 
Chris does not think that the perforations on the jaw which were thought 
to be bite marks really were that, but might instead have been signs of 

A quote from Chris, addressing previous stories of a to-the-death
battle between Sue's family and invaders:  "What I can say is that 
Sue most likely didn't die in some violent battle, as was originally
thought.  Best I can tell:  This animal simply died."

There is also a National Geographic Explorer program on TBS on
June 9, called "Colossal Fossil" which details the CT scanning of
Sue, among other things.