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Re: Deinonychus and Albertosaurus packs

In a message dated 5/29/99 9:03:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, bh480@scn.org 
>  2. Albertosaur pack
>  At his 5-24-99 lecture in Seattle, Phil Currie mentioned a pack of
>  Albertosaurus found by Barnum Brown back in 1910 and forgotten
>  in the American Museum collection. There were nine individuals
>  collected together at the same site, about half being half-grown
>  juveniles with hindlimb and body proportions similar to ornithomimids.
>  Phil suggested these tyrannosaurids could have functioned as a pack,
>  and if I understand his proposed scenario correctly, the
>  the agile and fleet-footed juveniles would have chased and harassed
>  --but not directly attacked--the prey (say, a herd of duckbills or 
> ceratopsians), eventually distracting or separating out individuals that 
>  would stray into ambush range of the larger, more powerful adults, 
>  who would make the kill.

This theory also formed the major part of the article "Dino Hunter" in the
May Discover Magazine.