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I was at the book store, scrounging about in the kid's dinosaur section (They often hide some nice books back there), got a new copy of jurassic park (my old one I got in around 3rd grade is dead.), and I saw these "Tiny Perfect Dinosaur" kit things, they have a poster, a little plastic dino-skeleton kit, and a little book all inside a giant plastic "dinosaur egg"...
so I got two,thinking "what the heck, they're cheap!". I got the velociraptor and Hypacrosaurus.
Anyway, I opened 'em up, threw the book and poster to the side and started puting my "kits" together. I sanded down some of the seams, painted the Hypacrosaurus, and the Velociraptor's base...
The velociraptor's head turns and it's jaws open! :) heheh..
so all lastnight I had this STUPID little velociraptor skeleton on my computer and pretended it was eating my mouse-cord...or the drying hypacrosaurus. ;)
These cheap little things are so much fun.
I think if I get good enough at puting these things together so they look nice, and find some glue to put these ones Perminantly together, I might just buy one of the more expensive kit-things out there..
because this is a lot of fun...
Oh yeah, I put the velociraptor on my box fan last night while the fan was on HIGH, and because the fan was on so high the thing was vibrating. It made the 'loci look like it was convulsing, or being electrocuted or something. It was so funny.
I have to eat breakfast now...
anyone know of any other cheap skeleton or dinosaur model kits I could get (ie: under $20 for nice-looking thing to crowd my room with)?

Jessica W
Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist

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