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Re: Kits

--- GOBI 2010 <gobi2010@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hey!

Hey daddy ho daddy!

> Ps-
> anyone know of any other cheap skeleton or dinosaur
> model kits I could get 
> (ie: under $20 for nice-looking thing to crowd my
> room with)?

There's a company called Glencoe that sells cheap
dinosaur skeleton kits.  Check your local hobby shop,
or try Link and Pin Hobbies online:


If you hit the lottery, check out a skeleton model of
the cool (and
theropod _Allosaurus fragilis_ by a company called
ANTS.  It's an amazing model and a *very* instructive
building experience, but it's over $200.00.  Worth
every penny and then some, but still a chunk of

Cheap dinosaur kits tend to be bad dinosaur kits, but
I think that some of the new Tamiya Dinosaur Diorama
kits are around $20.00.  Link and Pin carries them as
well.  The tyrannosaur is about $35.00, if I remember
correctly.  Brachiosaurus is expensive.

> It made 
> the 'loci look like it was convulsing, or being
> electrocuted or something.

Loci being electrocuted?!?  Convulsing?!?  I'd suggest
calling the Institute for Computational Mathematics
Have fun,


Did a large procession wave their torches
As my head fell in the basket
and was everybody dancing on the casket?

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