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Re: Deinonychus and Albertosaurus packs

On Sat, 29 May 1999, Ben Creisler wrote:
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> 1. Healed Deinonychus
> Matt Bonnan's mailing from 5-3-99 raised the issue of healed
> injuries in theropods as evidence of social behavior in which an injured 
> member
> of a pack or group was provided for. This argument has been used
> to support social grouping in Smilodon, since individuals crippled by
> injury appear to have survived.
> The following item is posted on the web page of the British
> Palaeontological Association, Meeting Abstracts (Portsmouth 1998) at
> http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/Paleonet/PalAss/index.html
> Fracture and osteomyelitis in PII of the second pedal digit of Deinonychus
> [...]
> smoothing of dorsal and medial sides. That this animal survived for an
> unknown length of time with an injury to one of its purported major defence
> and food-gathering mechanisms may support Ostrom's analysis of
> gregarious/pack-hunting behavior for Deinonychus.

The Allosaurus mount at the University of Wyoming


exhibits *fourteen* healed injuries. Some of them seem serious, such
as the left ilium, which received an injury of some kind such that it(the
ilium itself) developed a hole for drainage. This must have been
*extremely* painful and debilitating.

If one wants to make a case for some sort of social factor and injured
theropods, this speciment may qualify as the Poster Child for it.

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