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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #111

The following reference has been much in the dinosaur news during the past 
four days:

Xu Xing, Tang Zhi-Lu, & Wang Xiao-Lin, 1999. "A therizinosauroid dinosaur 
with integumentary structures from China," Nature 399(6734), 350-354 [May 27, 
1999; in Letters to Nature].

I haven't seen the paper yet (this issue of Nature hasn't made it across the 
Atlantic and into San Diego yet), but I've heard that it introduces the new 
genus and species of segnosaur Beipiaosaurus inexpectus, the type specimen of 
which shows dinofuzz something like that seen in Sinosauropteryx, 
Caudipteryx, and Protarchaeopteryx. Also, the specimen apparently has 
skeletal features of both oviraptorosaurs and segnosaurs, including a 
theropod-type foot rather than a segnosaur-type foot. As I mentioned to Tom 
Holtz, before this paper I'd have bet money segnosaurs weren't theropods but 
were derived prosauropods, but now I certainly wouldn't. Can't wait to see 
the paper.

Add genus #852 to the Dinosaur Genera List:

Beipiaosaurus Xu, Tang & Wang, 1999

PS: Thanks to Octavio Mateus for sending an offprint of the Dinheirosaurus 
paper (see previous DGL corrections). Most interesting diplodocid!