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Re: mokele-mbembe

John M. Dollan wrote:
As fascinating as this sounds, I really doubt that any genera of Dinosaur will
be found. It is likely that these stories have a kernel of truth at their
hearts, as do most legends and myths, but that kernel is likely far different
from what the current story has evolved into. If there IS a living animal
responsible for this myth, and it is still alive, I would expect it to be some
sort of modern animal form of a known or even unknown species, but nothing so
extravagant as a living Dinosaur.

I tend to agree with you. But note that Bill Gibbons, the expedition organizer, says he is "sure this animal exists." Note also that he is going on to find the ever elusive sasquatch after all this is over.

Anyways, enough with this post.  We don't want to get too off topic.

- Jordan

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