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Re: mokele-mbembe

"Jerry D. Harris" wrote:

>         I recall reading that the way the initial investigators got natives
> to identify the animal was to show them silhouettes of various animals and
> have the natives point to the one that matches the legendary creature...the
> natives invariably picked the sauropod silhouette.

I remember seeing a similar thing on a Dinosaur show, hosted by Christopher
reeves, some years ago.  As I recall, an investigator was showing colored
drawings to natives, and they indeed picked out sauropod images.  My only
problem was that the natives were wearing Def Lepard (or some such thing)
T-shirts, and there were other obvious indications of contact with the western
culture.  It is just too easy for them to be playing to the investigator, not
to mention the cameras.

Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that something is in the swamps of the
Congo.  I just doubt that it is a Dinosaur.  If I had to hazard a guess, I
would say it is some kind of hippo, or even elephant, perhaps of a new
species.  And then there is the possibility that, if the animal did exist, that
it has since gone extinct.

In short... who knows!

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