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RE: mokele-mbembe

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Good morning, afternoon and night to all,

I really hope I'm not writing anything wrong in this posting (I remember
some people had problems with the Loch Ness monster postings a bit back),
but I just read in the paper this morning about an expidition being lead out
in the Congo in search a supposed "living brontosaurus."  This
"mokele-mbembe", as the villagers who have spotted it call it, has a squat
body and a long neck for plucking fruit off trees.  They say it is very
elusive and spends most of its time hiding in the water.  It should
interesting to see what the expidition comes up with.
The article I read also mentions "munhuru"- a stegosaur-like creature seen
in Kenya.  I think I'd be more interested in seeing that!
Well, just thought I'd let you know.

Years ago when this topic was hot and the first expidition went to look for
it, the originator, explorer, etc (I forgot his name) gave a talk at the
then Dino Club in LA. To say the least I was skeptical about the hole thing.
It turned out to be a very interesting night. What really caught our
attention was when the speaker told us that he/they showed the native people
there a picture of 'Brontosaurus' and they said Mokele-Mbembe, then (and
this is what was either never told to the media or they ignored it) they
showed them a Giraffe, and again they said Mokele-Mbembe. It's not a
dinosaur folks. I wouldn't doubt that there is something there, more
probably a new kind of mammal.

They did find new animals, reptiles, fish and mammals. An expidition is
needed to explore the area, in all it's natural glory.

Also, I check out the Spanish Web Site, and that photo is computer generated
and not an actual photo of the animal.