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Hello dino-experts,

I hope someone can answer a question which has been on my mind for a 
few days now. At this moment I'm reading 'Taking Wing' written by Pat 
Shipman (thanks for lending it to me, Ilja). 
By the way; so far this book is excellent reading even for a 
non-expert like me.
I've just finished the part about flying mechanics. If I understood 
correctly (I hope) the furcula and sternum are somewhat flexible in 
Does this improve the energy-effectiveness of flight in birds? As I see it the 
recoil (coming from the flexibility) could lessen the energy the bird has to 
spend in the next movement (being it up- or downstroke). Or is just as much
energy spent on building up the tension in the bone? Maybe the answers are 
somewhere in the text (than I'm sorry I've missed it/didn't 
understand it) or in the chapters yet to come.
It this kind of flexibility normal in bones from birds? Is this a 
characteristic which leaves evidence in fossils; what I mean is this: 
can one looking at the bones of a archaeopteryx see that the bones 
were flexible in life and how?
I just thought about it this weekend and 'build' a very experimental recoiling 
with sticks and elastic material and it seemed to be very easy to keep the 
going once it had started (equivalent for a prolonged flight). For only a few 
'flaps' (or
the equivalent of a short flight) it seemed a bit more difficult (and thus less 
energy-effective) to me.
I hope someone (anyone) on this list can help me out on this. I would 
prefer the answer to be in simple language as I am not very familiar 
yet with the names of bones/muscles in birds (if they are needed to 
be included in the answer).
Thanks in advance for reading and/or trying to answer my question.

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