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Re: energy-effective?

James R. Cunningham wrote:

> Betty Cunningham wrote:
> > I know all bones are elastic to some degree, but wonder if 'flight'
> > calls for a particular range of elasticity.
> > I wonder if different species of birds have differing elasticities of
> > the bones.
> Probably, and probably varying elasticites in different structures within any 
> given individual
> bird, and in the same structure in different individuals of the same species. 
>  Also, an elastic
> structure may be a composite -- an elastic mechanism consisting of bone, 
> tendon, etc..  Tendons may
> be used to shift the location of the neutral axis of a composite structure, 
> and the elastic modulus
> of the different components of the composite will vary, as will the tensile 
> and compressive
> strengths.
> > , but I'm wondering if birds (or dinosaurs) of arid regions such as 
> > roadrunners or
> > some vultures and buzzards would be nutritionally or hydratingly
> > disadvantaged in the making of the elastic bone property.
> I don't know, but the concept sure makes sense.
> > Would this elasticity be controlled more through diet, or more through
> > genetics?
> As a total speculation, I'd say both.  Need affects genetics, diet affects 
> implementation.
> Cheers,
> JimC