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Hi DMlisters,
I bring up this topic that has possibly been already dissected.
Unfortunately I was off this E-mail for a while and did not save any mail. In this period I managed to get hold of G. Paul's masterpiece and the new issue of National Geographic. I was surprised to see that oviraptorosaur with the pygostyle. Has this been reported before? Has the tail been studied in the Ukaa Tolgod brooding Oviraptorosaur? Or is it that some advanced oviraprotorsaur reduced their tails. So if this is indeed an oviraptorosaur birdhood or bird like features evolved many time over in Dinosauria like the Alverezsaurids and the Avimimids. If its an Oviraprotorosaur then this seems to punish the bird-> flightless theropod model. I wonder what G.paul's thoughts on this would be! I got the impression that he was partial to the degenerate bird hypothesis.

Further is there any consensus on the position of Avimimus with respect to the clade delimited by Archaeopteryx

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