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RE: (intentionally left blank?): warning: mild humor

   Actually, I object to referring to dinosaurs as "stupid", although I'm
sure Betty doesn't
really mean it.  And having lived my life as a scientist in Texas: I KNOW
stupid, like
What's-His-Name knows sports!


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        it's just so much easier if you people agree that the stupid things
        ALL birds but only the bird group that survived the KT was Aves.


        Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
        > In a message dated 11/1/99 4:29:12 PM EST, eamalitz@hotmail.com
        > << If its an Oviraprotorosaur then this seems
        >  to punish the bird-> flightless theropod model. I >>
        > Actually, it supports the bird->flightless theropod model. The
        > (if that is what it belongs to!) pygostyle is best explained as a
        > acquired as a flight adaptation that was retained in the
        > descendant form.

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