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Re: Pygostyle

Dan Bensen wrote:

<It may not be diagnostic, but see it could not be
retained from an earlier state becuase other
oviraptors, ones more basal than this one, don't have

  And precisely which oviraptorosaurs are supposed to
be more basal than this one? A phylogenetic analysis
proposing its relationships has not been published
yet, so propined basality is assumed here a priori.
Stratigraphically speaking, only two taxa predate the
Ukhaa Tolgod beds (for certain), and one unnamed
specimen: *Microvenator*, *Caenagnathasia*, and a
smaller set of jaws from Kazakstan which I had the
misfortune of confusing Sues up with at SVP with the
Sandy site talk, but earlier he knew what I was
talking about.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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