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In a message dated 11/3/99 10:47:33 AM EST, darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

<< Some things in the paper strike me as odd, and I'd like to bring them 
 to attention here. First, in discussing Barremian dinosaurs, he lists 
 the species _V. dextrapoda_ immediately after his mention of 
 _Valdosaurus canaliculatus_. Does this mean there is a new, third 
 species of _Valdosaurus_? It does not seem possible from the text 
 that the abbreviated _V._ might refer to any animal other than to the 
 dinosaur _Valdosaurus_. If anyone has any further information on this 
 species, please let me know. >>

I emailed Bill about this some time ago and he replied that V. dextrapoda was 
included in error. There >is< a new taxon there, but it should not yet have 
been named.