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RE: Sauroposeidon

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> Toby White
> At 110My, wouldn't this be the wrong age (early Albian) for a
> Titanosaur in N.
> America?  Yet its too recent to be a Brachiosaur.  Very odd.

It is most assuredly not too recent for a brachiosaur, as at least SOME of
the _Astrodon_/_Pleurocoelus_ material (contemporaneous with
"Sauroposeidon") seems to be brachiosaurid.  Furthermore, there is now
evidence of titanosaurs in North America by the mid-Cretaceous.

Of course, there is the whole question now of what other than _Brachiosaurus
altithorax_ and _B. (sometimes _Giraffatitan_) brancai_ IS a brachiosaurid.
It may be that "Brachiosauridae" in the old more inclusive sense includes a
paraphyletic grade of titanosaur outgroups.

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