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Troodont pronounciation

To the list,

  I certainly have put my foot in my mouth on this
one. Ben is right, and the proper roots for *Troodon*
are not _troos_ + _odontos_, but _troo_ + _odontos_,
supplying us with two different (but related)
meanings, and I was using notes, rather than the
dictionaries I had at my disposal, to write the post.
So appologies to all. Also, while replying to a list
of specific names in breaking down their coinage, I
stumbled over *Heptasteornis*, which can be rooted
thusly _heptas_ + _asty_ + _ornis_; previously, I'd
never been able to find _asty_ in the dictionaries,
but lo and behold, there it is, and I can now remove
my root of _heptasteos_ (of the seven) from my notes!
This I get from checking up on _troo_; you learn
something new everyday.

  Thanks, Ben, for not kicking me in the rear on the

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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