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Re: Pygostyle

>>  And precisely which oviraptorosaurs are supposed to
be more basal than this one? A phylogenetic analysis
proposing its relationships has not been published
yet, so propined basality is assumed here a priori.
Stratigraphically speaking, only two taxa predate the
Ukhaa Tolgod beds (for certain), and one unnamed
specimen: *Microvenator*, *Caenagnathasia*, and a
smaller set of jaws from Kazakstan which I had the
misfortune of confusing Sues up with at SVP with the
Sandy site talk, but earlier he knew what I was
talking about.<<

I was thinking about Caudipteryx, specifically, but I will defer to you
in this.  Okay, do Caenagnathasia and Microvenator have pygostyles?  If
not, my point still stands.