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1869 Nature dinosaur article online

This week marks the 130th anniversary of the science publication Nature. In
recognition of this, the publisher has made the full text of its very first
issue available online at http://helix.nature.com/first/. It is interesting
to note that this issue included a dinosaur article: "TRIASSIC DINOSAURIA.
BY PROF. HUXLEY, F.R.S." In this article, Thomas Huxley provides his
arguments for placing the Thecodontosauria within the Dinosauria. It is not
a long piece, but it represents an intriguing window onto the world of
dinosaur science in its infancy.

Many of the dinosaur names found in the article have since been superseded,
making the article even that much more quaint. Prof. Cope even get mentioned
with an opinion about "Bathygnathus, from the Triassic beds of Prince
Edward's Island."

--Thom Holmes
dinosaur author at large