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Fear and Loathing in Denver

  The only fear and loathing was to be had on the worst urban freeway system 
I've ever had the misfortune to tangle with. I was bounced around from one 
end of town to the other like a pinball machine. Otherwise, the SVP meeting 
was a delight and it was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the DML 
breakfast. Thanks, Mary, for a wonderful time--even if I didn't win anything! 
I'm still reeling from Ralph Chapman and Company's perfect little Triceratops 
skull. That was magic! Truth can be beauty, I guess--but to hold it in your 
hand and view it from every angle...I better stop before I get misty.
  After SVP I went back to my old stomping grounds at the South Dakota School 
of Mines and Tech in Rapid City. The joint is jumpin' with 16 grad students 
in the vert paleo program. Space in the prep labs has been greatly expanded 
and I was in heaven since mosasaurs were everywhere...and, of course, a nice 
Camarasaurus skull, just to be politically correct. There's some great 
material coming in from the field, locally and from Antarctica. Stay tuned. 
Now back to work. Dan Varner.