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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Trailer

Richard W Travsky wrote:

> The trailer for Disney's movie "Dinosaur" is available again. (As I recall
> it was around for a while and then went away.)
>  http://trailers.movie-list.com/Dinosaur.mov

Is there an upcoming report on a new BRACHIOSAUR from the latest
Maastrichtan?  Than might explain why a few are mixed in among the
Triceratops herd in the early scenes...

Other dinos I caught:
a Carnotaurus lookalike
an unidentified dromaeosaur
an iguanodontian of some sort

The animation looked really good, too.

Michael A. de Sosa
Undergraduate Student
University of California - Berkeley

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very
persistent one." -Albert Einstein