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RE: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #116

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> In a message dated 11/3/99 4:55:57 PM EST, bettyc@flyinggoat.com writes:
> << Are brachiosaurids titanosaurids? >>
> No way, Jose. Certainly no known brachiosaurid can be ancestral to any
> titanosaurid; but both families likely shared a common ancestor
> within the
> paraphyletic family Cetiosauridae.
Or, to use more recent terminology, brachiosaurids and titanosaurids are
both members of Titanosauriformes.  They share a more recent common ancestor
with each other than either do with (for example) diplodocoids.

On a not entirely unrelated issue, the SVP recent revised its rules with
regards to reporting  about announcements made at conferences.  The full
text can be found at: http://www.museum.state.il.us/svp/svpinfo/media.html

>From the first item on their rules:
"1.  Reporters attend our meetings to bring their audiences up to date with
important developments.  This is true of reporters from the prominent
science weeklies and of those from newspapers and magazines.  Because we
invite and admit them, they are free to report on what is presented.
Editors of scientific journals to which authors may later decide to submit
their research do not regard such popular reporting as problematic for the
primary publication of research reports."

Just in case people were wondering.

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