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Caudipteryx the oviraptorosaur (was RE: Pygostyle)

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> Jaime A. Headden
> Tim Williams wrote:
> <You could probably add _Caudipteryx_ to the list.>
>   I could; however, given that an analysis explicitly
> comparing *Caduipteryx* to oviraptorosauria and other
> taxa outside of the general avian-mould, as was done
> by Ji et al. (1998), has not been done, thus
> suggesting placement, I am loathe to refer it.

Actually, such a paper HAS been published, in that obscure journal
Science... :-)

Okay, so it is hidden from view, but in:

Sereno, P. C.  1999.  The evolution of dinosaurs.  Science 284:2137-2147.

the oviraptorosaurian nature of Caudipteryx is mentioned on p. 2143 (top of
the first column); character evidence supporting this position is in the
supplementary information online

The cladograms shown as figures in that analyses are actually composites of
several multiple analyses.  The Tetanurae analysis includes _Caudipteryx_
and Oviraptoridae and Caenagnathidae  and Avialae as separate OTUs.

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