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Pygostyle Development in Oviraptorosauria (2)


  I see I forgot to answer Mike's question on complete
tails in ovis. The thing is, there are several
specimens out there with complete (or reasonably so)
tails, including forms similar to *Oviraptor* and
*Ingenia* -- these specimens preserve vertebrae that
in on *Ingenia*-like specimen, counts to about 30, and
there were few caudals missing from the tip to suggest
it was much longer. For those who want to count
themselves, a photograph of the specimen in question
appears in Psihoyos' book _Hunting Dinosaurs_ in the
Gobi section, and another mount of the same skeleton
as part of the Nakasato exhibition in Japan, at their
website (sorry, don't know the URL offhand).

  But caenagnathids, sadly, are not known completely
enough to suggest a tail length was reasonably long.
While I reconstruct caenagnathids with relatively
long, oviraptorid-tails, the intriguing super-short
tail as Tracy Ford then Brian Franzcak restores them
may well be true. Caudals in *Chirostenotes
pergracilis* (sensu Currie and Russell, 1988; Sues,
1998) compare well to *Microvenator* (Makovicky and
Sues, 1997) and the small caudal from NSW, Australia
(Currie, Rich, and Vickers-Rich, 1994). A reasonably
spaced count of the caudals, as I attempted to do in
my skeletal reconstructions of the two named taxa
above, followed as closely as I could the published
figures and text, but there isn't a whole lot there
anyway. Hopefully this will be changed in the near
future. If Cifelli is finding things in Cloverly
sediments as small as *Montanalestes*, then he can
certainly find a new *Microvenator*. He'd better....

  Anyway, sorry for forgettin' you Mike,

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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