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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #116

In a message dated 11/4/99 4:55:29 PM EST, tholtz@geol.umd.edu writes:

<< Or, to use more recent terminology, brachiosaurids and titanosaurids are
 both members of Titanosauriformes.  They share a more recent common ancestor
 with each other than either do with (for example) diplodocoids. >>

I keep forgetting: there are no more titanosaurids, only saltasaurids (and 
andesaurids, etc.). Titanosaurus is finally (as I opined way back in 1978 in M
esozoic Meanderings #1 when I created the replacement name 
Antarctosauridae--whose type genus no longer seems to have much to do with 
"titanosaurs") acknowledged to be a nomen dubium and thus so is the family 
name Titanosauridae, of which Titanosaurus is the type genus. A pair of 
procoelous caudal vertebrae (syntype specimens of Titanosaurus indicus) is 
just not enough material with which one might distinguish the various genera 
in the family.