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Re: pygostyle

John Hutchinson wrote:
> This pygostyle thing is a great example of how
> reconstructions in papers become cited as fact.  IMO, stick with the
> specimens if you want data.
Speaking of which, does the little image of the pygostyle-bearing oviraptor
in the National Geographic article mean that this new find looks a LOT like
the Ukaa Tolgod Oviraptor, but with a pygostyle, or is it merely
representative of the kind of model we should expect to find when we
He also wrote:
>  I don't see any
> strong, general correlation between neural spine length and tail length in
> vertebrates, especially archosaurs.
Perhaps not a quantifiable one in detail, but how about in the extremes?
Are there any archosaurs where the neural spines are practically
non-existent, while the tail is long?  Likewise are there any cases where
the neural spines remain tall for the full length of the rather short tail.
Granted, you did say STRONG general correlation - I was just curious about

Samuel Barnett