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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Trailer

Dan writes:
> what Walking with Dinosaurs could have been if they had had Disney's
> budget.  By the way, is THAT pterosaur flying correctly?
Well MY gripe with the WWD pterosaurs was that they were using the sky as a
backdrop to the animals, instead of using the air as it's means of
transport.  The trailer pterosaur is interacting with the air more, I'll
grant you that (wings changing shape more frequently than WWD, angle of
attack more believable, rate of vibration of membrane more frequent etc...).
I won't get started on typical Disney melodramatic swoops, but for the most
point it looks to me like an aerodynamically viable form of flight.  Please
note, I'm NOT saying pterosaurs really flew like this.  If you ask me it
looks far too much like a frigate bird's flight technique, but hey - if it
works, do it!

Samuel Barnett