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Re: kinky snouts

Caitlin Kiernan wrote:

<Has anyone else given thought to the fact that the
crocodilian-like "kinked" snout (premaxillo-maxillary
suture) present in the spinosaurid theropods is also
present in the pterodactyloid _Cearadactylus atrox_? I
saw photographs of the type material of
_Cearadactylus_ (Santana Fm.) for the first time the 
other day and immediately thought of the

  Readdressing the issue of kinked snouts in theropods
as related to crocodiles, which has been discussed
before (lead to any subject on "spinosaurs," "kinked,"
or related terms in the archives) but has never been
fully settled. There are several kinds of kinks in
theropods, and even several in Ornithschia, along with
associated diastemai, and all differ from what kinks
I've seen in crocodiles, which is essentially an
arched diastema. Chris Brochu or ArchosaurJ may
correct me here, but.... *Cearadactylus* is strange
because the kink is formed by an arch, but nothing
from the lower jaw fits in there as in
*Heterodontosaurus*, or crocodiles, but similar to
coelophysoids and spinosaurids; and from the looks of
it, *Irritator* (or *Angaturama*) may have had a
*Riojasuchus* or *Archosaurus*-like kink where the
premaxilla overhung the lower jaw, but whatever. My
reconstruction of the skull, which will appear soon on
another website besides Qilong and Keesey's, shows the
head with the jaw shut, this is with the teeth locking
against the opposite jawline, rather than teeth (they
fit this way) as Dave Peters also has reconstructed on
the Pterosaur Homepage. The premaxilla is attenuated
into ventrally curving platform, with no ventral
extension of the lateral sides as in other examples of
kinked snouts, so Ceara may have been doing something
slightly different with the frightful teeth and jaws
for which it is exemplary.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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