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RE: Walking with Dinosaurs in GB

I have been left a little disappointed with WWD. Not so much in the CGI and
modeling work, which I think is first rate, but in the topics they chose to

The Jurassic period was skated over in one episode, which concentrated on
the 'hypothetical' lifestyle and reproduction of Dipoldicus'.

The Triassic was similarly treated, with hardly any real dinosaurs in.

Two episodes were not about dinosaurs. One was about marine reptiles, the
other was about pterodactyls, although there were some pretty cool Utah
Raptors in it, which reprieved that episode somewhat.

On the whole, WWD does a good job, i just question the direction it took.
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> >This from the latest edition of the Sydney Morning Herald (Friday
> morning, 
> >Australian time):
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> >"In its first Sunday on air [in Australia], Walking With Dinosaurs got a 
> >viewing audience in the five mainland capitals of 2 million, which rose
> to 
> >2.2 million on the second Sunday."
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> >Not bad for a country of just 19 million people.
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> >Tim
> Viewing audiences for WWD in Britain have topped 18 million (56 million
> peeps in Britain I think), unprecedented for "factual" (ha, ha) programmes
> and exceeding even the audiences for our worst (i.e. most popular) soaps.
> Amazing.
> Chris