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RE: Walking with Dinosaurs in GB

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> Hedges, Tony
> I have been left a little disappointed with WWD. Not so much in
> the CGI and
> modeling work, which I think is first rate, but in the topics
> they chose to
> cover.
> The Jurassic period was skated over in one episode, which concentrated on
> the 'hypothetical' lifestyle and reproduction of Dipoldicus'.


> Two episodes were not about dinosaurs. One was about marine reptiles, the
> other was about pterodactyls, although there were some pretty cool Utah
> Raptors in it, which reprieved that episode somewhat.

Actually, the marine reptiles WAS a Jurassic Period episode.  Actually, the
number of episodes actually reflects the relative length of time of the
different periods of the Age of Dinosaurs: 1 for the Late Triassic, 2 for
the Jurassic, 3 for the Cretaceous.

As for the choice of the focus on marine reptiles in the 3rd episode: well,
it IS a BBC production, and the production team wanted to focus on Mesozic
England for at least one episode.  England may not have much in the way of
non-avian dinosaurs (outside the Wealden, which was covered in episode 4),
but it has buttloads of marine reptiles!!

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