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RE: Walking with Dinosaurs in GB

>Tom Holtz wrote

Actually, the marine reptiles WAS a Jurassic Period episode.  Actually, the
number of episodes actually reflects the relative length of time of the
different periods of the Age of Dinosaurs: 1 for the Late Triassic, 2 for
the Jurassic, 3 for the Cretaceous. As for the choice of the focus on
marine reptiles in the 3rd episode: well, it IS a BBC production, and the
production team wanted to focus on Mesozic England for at least one
episode.  England may not have much in the way of non-avian dinosaurs
(outside the Wealden, which was covered in episode 4), but it has buttloads
of marine reptiles!!

Tom is right on all counts. We Brits do seem to be making the most of our
rather meage Mesozoic record in WWD (meagre compared with our lucky
dino-laden friends across the Atlantic, anyway). Up with marine reptiles!
They're sexy and we got stacks of 'em! It's not often we get the drop on
you lot across the pond Mesozoic-wise, so forgive us our little indulgence.

And yep, the title is designed to pull in the audience, but the series is
about the Mesozoic as a whole. A brave decision and a good one I reckon -
dinos in context...