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Re: Walking with Dinosaurs in GB

You have more dinosaurs in England than we do in all of California.
We're not ALL dino-laden in the US 
grumble grumble grumble 
(had to go to Denver to find my first bit of one)


Chris Lavers wrote:
> Tom is right on all counts. We Brits do seem to be making the most of our
> rather meage Mesozoic record in WWD (meagre compared with our lucky
> dino-laden friends across the Atlantic, anyway). Up with marine reptiles!
> They're sexy and we got stacks of 'em! It's not often we get the drop on
> you lot across the pond Mesozoic-wise, so forgive us our little indulgence.
> And yep, the title is designed to pull in the audience, but the series is
> about the Mesozoic as a whole. A brave decision and a good one I reckon -
> dinos in context...
> C

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