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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Trailer

Betty wrote:

>The flight of the (trailer) pterodactyl is similar to the flight of the
>dragon in Dragonheart.  
>It 'looks' nice but it doesn't 'feel' right.

My lasting impression of Draco's flight is his body "bobbing" up and down
with each downstroke and upstroke, respectively, of his wings. With a body
and wings that large, it's hardly surprising that he had to appear to be
straining himself. Would we expect giant pterosaurs to fly this way also?

>The flight of the dragon in Dragonslayer didn't 'look' as nice
>(stylewise) as in Dragonheart but it 'felt' better. 

Refresh my memory about Dragonslayer. Was the critter putting in a lot of
muscular effort like Draco?

>The difference is that the dragon in Dragonslayer 'felt' as though it
>had a LOT of mass it was moving through the air.  The dragon in
>Dragonheart could have easily been a balloon with very little mass
>affecting it's movement at all.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau