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Brachiosaurus and co.

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr wrote:

Or, to use more recent terminology, brachiosaurids and titanosaurids > are both members of Titanosauriformes. They share a more recent common ancestor with each other than either do with (for example) diplodocoids.

Apart from _Brachiosaurus_, other non-titanosaurid titanosauriforms include _Pleurocoelus_, Texan "Pleurocoelus", _Chubutisaurus_, _Austrosaurus_, _Sonorasaurus_, and possibly _Bellusaurus_ (which Dong Zhi-Ming thinks is closely related to _Pleurocoelus_). John McIntosh (1990) also included _Lapparentosaurus_ and _Volkheimeria_ in the Brachiosauridae, but this pair appear to be basal neosauropods or eusauropods (Salgado et al., 1997).

While on the topic of brachiosaurs, I have a question. There is a rumor that a _Brachiosaurus_ skull may actually have been found in North America, and it looks very different to the skull of the Tendaguru _Brachiosaurus_ (B. brancai_). In fact (says the rumor) it's usually been assumed that this skull belongs to _Camarasaurus_, which it resembles very closely. Can anyone confirm? (And apologies if I'm blabbing something top-secret :-) )


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