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Walking with Dinosaurs in GB

Alright, alright! I was talking about American dinos in general, not their
biogeography by zip code. And I don't want to be responsible for a civil
war between Montana and the rest of you....

We Brits are still jealous...


>Betty wrote :
>> hmph.  
>> You have more dinosaurs in England than we do in all of California.
>> We're not ALL dino-laden in the US 
>> grumble grumble grumble 
>> (had to go to Denver to find my first bit of one)
>That's not to mention almost everywhere east of the Appalachians ! We're
>lucky to find a few teeth
>and bone fragments(lots of petrified wood , tho' ! ) Alas we have to import
>our dinos from exotic locales like Oklahoma , Colorado ,etc. , at least in
>N.C. , anyway .grumble , grumble  , grumble . 
>(at least I have a 65 million year old tree stump...maybe some dino
>relieved itself ....)
>With tongue firmly in cheek , 
>Regards , 
>Truett Garner